There’s only one thing you need to do in order to become successful. Everything else might be extra.

Just by doing this single thing I’m telling you here, I guarantee you will be successful in your life. It might not happen tomorrow or next week, but you’ll start seeing results and you will be successful without any doubt.

What successful and rich people really do


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Now you might be wondering what I’m talking about, and it’s a very simple concept: you need to learn how to properly fail.

Before you start thinking I’m crazy, or that this is the usual motivational crap, stick with me because I swear I have a point.

Successful people love failure. Or, at the very least, they seek for it.

I would bet all of my money on someone that seeks failure and learns from it because that person is gonna be a millionaire one day. And I can tell this with almost certainty.

Think of the hardest times in your life, think of the biggest struggles you had and the problems you were forced to overcome. How much did you learn from them? How much did they change you?

I honestly think that who we are is a result of the struggles we had gone through.

If I think of my past, personally, I can see that I changed the most when I was going through my worst times. It seems like the harder the obstacle is, the bigger the growth.

When I’m scared of something, I tell myself:

“This must be something that will change my life.” 

Because I learned that when I push myself out of my comfort zone, and I do something that terrifies the hell out of me, that’s when I grow.


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And when my mindset grows, whatever I do becomes more valuable, and I start earning more money because I’m able to bring more value to the society.

Your income grows with you and your mindset. That’s why the majority of millionaires are incredibly wise people.

So if what you want is to become successful and rich, this is where you need to start: failure.


What successful and rich people really do

Will Smith in one of his Instagram stories…


During your school years, you’re basically taught that you don’t want to fail because failure is a bad thing. But why?!

Failure is a great opportunity for growth. Without failure, you just stay the same.

When you’re in school, you basically study to prevent failure. You spend many sleepless nights because you don’t want to fail another test and feel like a complete idiot.  

And don’t get me wrong: it’s not studying that’s wrong, it’s the reason why you’re doing it.

If you study to learn, then that’s perfectly fine, but if you’re studying not to fail, this will damage you in the long run.  

That’s why they say that the A students work for the C students: they’re not necessarily smarter, but the A students were so afraid to fail that they never even started!


Can you see my point now?


And this is where the problem is: when being afraid to fail cause you to procrastinate.

But what you need to see is that being scared – or that general feeling of discomfort – are part of the game.


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And sometimes the only way not to fail is not to start at all.

But how much are you leaving on the table because of that?

If you fail and use failure to grow, then you’ll find what works.


What successful and rich people really do


And please stop caring about what everybody else is thinking because they’re probably too focused on their own problems to even care about you!

At the end of the day, you’re the one talking yourself to sleep.

So what do you want to tell yourself?

That you spent another day procrastinating and avoiding your problems, or that at least you tried?!

Because regret – especially when it’s too late – it’s one of the most haunting things ever. It can drive you crazy.


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For successful people, failure doesn’t even exist.

Something I learned from Change your life in 7 days (this book changed my life) is that failure is an attitude, not a result.

In other words, it has nothing to do with the results you get. But it influences the way you perspective things.

If you really think of it, failure doesn’t exist unless you define it. Just like success. In fact, the same result can be a failure for someone and a success for someone else. Or vice versa.

So, instead of focusing on defining failure, focus on defining success. You’ll be astonished by the results: your thoughts will change and, as a consequence, your actions and results will too.

Tell yourself something like:

“However this goes, I will learn from my mistakes. And as long as I’m learning and growing, I’m not really failing”

That’s how successful people think.

They shape their thoughts, they choose not to fail, but to learn and grow, instead.

Eventually, that’s how they succeed.




This was not your typical ‘habits of successful people’ list. I wanted to write something different and deeper – and hopefully, I did.


Keep in mind that this is not what you want to hear, but it’s what you need to hear.


The first step to achieve success is to shape your mindset.

If you shape your mindset, you shape your actions, and you shape your life as a consequence. The rest is easy.