I’m honestly all about self-care.

I really think that self-care can make a huge difference in your productivity and overall wellness and I already wrote some posts about it.


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In a society that makes us feel like we’re supposed to be robots and work all the time – the workaholic stats are insane – sometimes taking some time for ourselves might feel guilty. Especially if it something that costs us money, like having a $100 massage.

I think self-care should be an important matter in our everyday lives, and that we should try to schedule self-care just like we schedule work, but if spending money for your self-care keeps making you feel guilty, here are 6 ideas to practice self-care for absolutely free!

(And maybe, later on, you’ll choose to invest some money in it once in a while!)


How to practise self-care for absolutely free



At least during the weekends, when you don’t have to drag yourself out of bed in a rush, give yourself some time to wake up slowly and enjoy the sheets.

Read something you like (and not only something you’re supposed to be reading), journal, cuddle your dog and just enjoy bed for a bit longer.

Yes, self-care can be as simple as that! And yes, laying in bed doesn’t always have to make you feel lazy and guilty!

How to practise self-care for absolutely free



Take advantage of some more time during the weekends to cook and whip up one of your favorite meals.

My go-to for lazy mornings are pancakes (you can find my recipe here it’s number #4), some fruit, some coconut yogurt (it’s just not a Sunday morning without it!) and coffee!  



At least for once, stop making pressure on yourself because of social media. Please!

We all know that crappy feeling: you’re on Instagram and you see the latest post of that influencer that always has the perfect hair, a big business, the hottest boyfriend and millions of shoes (this is my main problem lol), so you feel bad about yourself because you’re here binge-watching Netflix on a Sunday night, instead.

Always keep in mind that what we show on social media is not the truth or at least is not the “full story”. Realize that those people you see aren’t like that all the time.

They might be struggling with depression, panic attacks, anxiety or another million issues while you’re here envying their hair. All this pressure seriously does nothing good to your soul.

So just make yourself a warm cup of lemon water – or a cup of tea – and detox from that pressure. Even just for a day.

I’m not telling you to quit social media forever. Even just a day can make a huge difference (and maybe you’ll feel so good that you will want to do that more often!).  

Instead of scrolling through that endless feed, try meditating, read a book (or fanfiction – I’m obsessed with Riverdale lately. Bughead shippers raise your hands!) or make a puzzle, instead.


Just feel grateful for being alive, and enjoy yourself.

I assure you’ll feel the difference!



No matter where you live, try to drive or walk to a beautiful area that makes you happy.

Bring comfy shoes and go for a long walk – or run — your body will appreciate the endorphins from light exercise and the scenery will make it easier.

When you’re done, chill. Stretch, meditate, listen to music or just enjoy being outdoors!



Self-love doesn’t necessarily have to be a solo—date!

Going out with your friends, spending some time with your family – or even just talking to strangers – is all good for your soul. We are social animals, after all.

There are plenty of activities that don’t require spending money – like going out for a walk in the park, having a picnic or even a movie marathon.



Pampering is a must when it comes to self-care and I had to include it in this list.

Do a face mask, take a warm relaxing shower – or a bath – and treat your body to a gentle oil massage. You might also want to lather your hair in coconut oil for an overnight treatment (this is a pro level, sis!).  


How to practise self-care for absolutely free


Here are more self-care ideas (if needed):

How to practise self-care for absolutely free



What are your favorite ways to practice self-care? And how often do you practice it?

Also, feel free to write in the comments section below some more ideas you think could match this list!