Where comes the sun was built with only one goal in mind: offer advice and support to women all around the world to stop getting into their own way to success and gain the mindset and confidence necessary to design and live their dream life.

I think it’s no coincidence you’re here…

because when you decide you want more out of life and choose to do scary things – like launching a business, changing your career path, quit a bad habit, start a new one or simply improve your mindset – that’s when things like procrastination, overthinking, self-sabotage & perfectionism come into play.

They invited themselves to the party…and the only way to kick them out is to take the power back over your mind and your thoughts.

And now it’s the right time to do so. Starting from today, empower.yourself.daily.

So let’s go ahead and start this journey together!

One day you’ll look back at this as the day everything changed.

Hi, I’m Celeste! 

I’m a personal development lover and INFP obsessed with helping women empower themselves. Here you’ll find self-improvement and life advice to help you stop holding yourself back and gain enough confidence to go after your wildest dreams. If you feel stuck, keep procrastinating on your goals or self-sabotage yourself, this is the perfect place for you!

Youtube Channel

Since video content is one of the best ways to learn in my opinion, I’ve created a youtube channel where I publish videos every Wednesday and Friday – and almost any other day in between. If you love filling your feed with inspiring content, you’re welcome!


The Empower Yourself Daily Podcast is a relatable podcast sharing personal growth and life advice to help you stop getting into your own way to success. Meant to be your daily dose of self-empowerment, it’s ready for your binge-listening pleasure at any time.


Every Sunday you’ll receive an email only reserved to this community where I share exclusive advice, motivational words, lessons I’m learning from my own personal growth journey as well as book recommendations and more.

Episode 4: How To Overcome Self-Doubt

Self-doubt can be the real deal. I think we pretty much all experience self-doubt every time we try to do something challenging and out of your comfort zone, but what do you do when the self-doubt is so strong it stops you from going after your goals and dreams?...

Episode 3: 5 Biggest Lessons From My 2 Years Personal Growth Journey

I started my personal growth journey by accident, like most people. I found out about personal growth by watching a few channels on Youtube, like Lavendaire and reading a few books on the topic. I remember being so fascinated: "What does it mean that you can actually...

Episode 2: 5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your 20s

I'm about to turn 21 in a few weeks and as I get deeper and deeper into my 20s I start thinking of how I'm gonna actually make the most out of them. I realize I have big dreams and big projects - starting from Where Comes The Sun - but I also know that in order to...

Episode 1: Getting Started And Its Struggles

I can't believe we're here...wow. This is the first episode of the Empower Yourself Daily podcast, where we'll talk about personal growth, mindset and everything else you need to start getting out of your own way and living your dream life. And since this is the first...

How to stop procrastinating FOREVER

Quick disclaimer: if you're procrastinating on little things like washing the dishes and making laundry, unfortunately, this video is not for you. Here we're talking about procrastination on a whole other level, like procrastinating on the things that could possibly...