Where comes the sun was built with only one goal in mind: offer advice and support to women all around the world to stop getting into their own way to success and finally gain the mindset and confidence necessary to design and then live their dream life.

I think it’s no coincidence you’re here…

because when you decide you want more out of life and choose to do scary things – like launching a business, changing your career path, quit a bad habit, start a new one or simply improve your mindset – that’s when things like procrastination, overthinking, self-sabotage & perfectionism come into play.

They invited themselves to the party…and the only way to kick them out is

to take the power back over your mind and your thoughts.

And now it’s the right time to do so. Starting from today, empower.yourself.daily.

So let’s go ahead and start this journey together!

One day you’ll look back at this as the day everything changed.

Hi, I’m Celeste! 

I’m a personal development lover and INFP obsessed with helping women empower themselves. Here you’ll find self-improvement and life advice to help you stop holding yourself back and gain enough confidence to go after your wildest dreams. If you feel stuck, keep procrastinating on your goals or self-sabotage yourself, this is the perfect place for you!